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Information and Ordering

To place an order now with a credit card, use our on-line order page. Alternatively, contact us directly by e-mail or by calling one of the following numbers: 020 7584 2300 or from outside the UK (44) 207 584 2300. You can write to us at 10a Albert Court, London SW7 2BL. Please allow 7-10 days for delivery.
The Chocolatier électronique is only available by mail order. We offer a 30 day, no quibble, money back guarantee if you are not entirely satisfied.

Price List:

C-11026 Chocolatier électronique chocolate temperer £499.00
C-1120 Baffle (including temperature probe)   £36.71
C-5018 Bowl   -   All  Stainless Steel   £12.63
C-1140 Baffle Clip     £1.25
C-1130 Scraper (Set of three)     £5.25
C-1150 Baffle Brush     £1.07
C-5001 Swirl Dipping Tool     £3.83
C-5002 Round Dipping Tool     £3.22
C-5003 Oval Dipping Tool     £3.22
C-5004 Triangular Dipping Tool     £3.22
C-5005 3-prong fork     £3.22
C-5006 4-prong fork     £3.22
C-0120 14cm/6" diameter mini vibrator table - 2 speed   €165.40
C-0125 23mm x 14cm/9" x 6" rectangular vibrator table - variable speed  €355.00
C-0126 22.5cm x 22.5cm/9" x 9" rectangular vibrator table - variable speed  €375.00
C-0127 34.5cm x 24.5cm/14" x 10" rectangular vibrator table - variable speed  €495 .00
C-0129 58cm x 38cm/23" x 15" rectangular vibrator table - variable speed  €1014.00

The total price of all orders will be confirmed by e-mail or fax prior to despatch. Prices quoted in Euros will be converted to Sterling using the exchange rate ruling when the order is placed. VAT at 20% will be added to all UK orders. VAT will be added to all EU orders(excl. UK) unless a VAT # is provided. Our VAT # is GB 625-5523-45. A charge for shipping  will be added to all orders.

If any product fails to operate correctly, we will repair or replace, without charge, any part found to be defective during one year from the date of purchase, except where the defect is due to misuse, neglect, damage, or modifications unless carried out by our own employees. This guarantee is in addition to, and separate from, the rights a purchaser may have under the Sale of Goods Act or any other legislation.

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