Chocolatier lectronique

"Chocolate. Rich, sensual, luxurious, indulgent."

The Chocolatier électronique chocolate temperer revolutionises the use of chocolate in the kitchen. Until now, working with tempered chocolate has been the preserve of highly-skilled and experienced chefs: but, with the new Chocolatier électronique, practically anybody can become a master chocolatier in their own kitchen! 

Thanks to its patented computer-controlled process, the Chocolatier électronique will produce perfectly tempered chocolate every time you use it. The automatic process avoids all the mess and guesswork associated with tempering chocolate the old-fashioned way. All you need is a supply of chocolate and your Chocolatier électronique will do the rest. It is both easy and quick to use, and easy to clean: you can even re-use any leftover chocolate, which makes it very economical too.

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