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Vibrator Tables

Click Here For Technical SpecificationsThe new Chocolatier électronique range of vibrator tables are the ideal companion for our tempering machines. In order to produce a good quality moulded item it is essential to remove any bubbles that adhere to the mould. A Chocolatier électronique vibrator or 'tapping' table is perfect for this. They are both small and powerful so you only need to place the filled mould on the table for a few seconds to do the job. In many cases, particularly for small moulds, just placing the corner of the mould in contact with the vibrator table is all that is required.

Technical Notes:
When moulding be sure to follow the standard rules:
1. Make sure the mould is at room temperature.
2. Use chocolate with a fat(cocoa butter) content between 38-41%. Most couverture is 30-32% cocoa butter therefore you will need to add an additional 100gms of cocoa butter for every kilo of chocolate.
3. Clean and dry the mould thoroughly, polishing with cotton wool for a tip-top finish.

Technical Specifications


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