Chocolatier électronique

Using the Machine 

Select the type of chocolate you wish to temper by pressing the button for White, for Milk or for Dark as appropriate. Milk is the default setting if no button is pressed. 

Select the quantity of chocolate you wish to use between a minimum of 85gm (3oz) and a maximum of 700gm (1.5lb). Chocolate in block form works best. If you wish to temper more than 700gm (1.5lb), you may either replenish the chocolate as you use it (see Tips for details) or repeat the cycle. A cycle takes about 20 minutes.

Set aside a minimum of 85gm (3oz) additional chocolate to use during the final phase of the tempering process. This is called the 'seed'.

Place the solid chocolate behind the baffle on the side away from the temperature probe.

Start the machine. If the machine fails to start and emits a chirping noise, it has been assembled incorrectly. Do not leave the machine running empty: you could damage it. As the chocolate begins to melt, it will collect in a pool in front of the baffle next to the temperature probe. It takes up to 15 minutes to melt a full batch. You can, of course, add melted chocolate from a bain marie if you wish. Wait a few minutes to allow all the chocolate to completely melt and reach the required temperature.

When you have melted sufficient chocolate, press the button for Temper. If the 'seed' chocolate is not in good condition, press the button for Temper 2

Place at least 85gm (3oz) of solid chocolate, the 'seed', behind the baffle. During the tempering process there should always be some solid 'seed' chocolate behind the baffle.  The tempering process will take about 5 minutes.

Remove the remaining 'seed' when the machine beeps and the symbol for Remove flashes. If you leave this solid chocolate in the bowl, the melted and tempered chocolate will start to over-temper and become progressively thicker.

Press the button for Confirm to confirm that the 'seed' has been removed, and turn off the alarm.

The machine will beep three more times and the display panel will show the symbol for Ready when the melted chocolate in the bowl is properly tempered.

You may press the button for Pause from time to time to stop the bowl rotating for up to 60 seconds. Pressing the Pause button again restarts the bowl rotating.

When you are completely finished, press the button for Reset. Pour out any unused chocolate into a clean mould or onto a sheet of paper. When it is cold, wrap it well and store it for future use.

Cleaning the Machine

  • Remove the baffle. Rotate the baffle counter-clockwise from the baffle locks.  The temperature probe and connector pins are delicate features, handle them carefully. 

  • Remove the scraper and baffle clip. Separate the scraper and the baffle clip from the baffle and clean all three items separately with warm, soapy water. 

  • Remove the bowl. Lift the bowl from the case and scrape clean, and then rinse with warm, soapy water.  

  • Clean the body of the machine. Use a warm damp cloth or sponge.

  • Dry all the parts carefully.

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