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Problems with the Machine
Problems with the Chocolate

If you are having difficulty with your machine, contact our Help Desk for assistance. Before you do, read through the two lists of common problems, their causes and solutions. In most cases you will find you can resolve the difficulty straightaway.

Problems with the Machine

Cause / Solution
I pressed the button for Melt and the machine only made a chirping sound. The machine is not properly assembled. Check that the baffle is properly fitted.
I pressed the wrong buttons. Press the button Reset and start again.
I selected the wrong chocolate when I started the machine. Press the button Reset and start again.
I pressed the button Reset and then the button for Melt, but nothing happened. You probably pressed the buttons too quickly. Pause between pressing the buttons. The machine takes a second to clear its memory.
I pressed the button Temper and the machine is working but the sign for Ready took ages to come on or didn't come on at all. The room you are working in is probably too warm. Check the temperature.
My machine is displaying functions it should not be showing and is behaving strangely. Press the button Reset and start again. If the problem persists, unplug your machine for 5 minutes. If this fails to solve the problem, contact the Help Desk.
The chocolate behind the baffle climbs out of the bowl. Check that the baffle clip is in place or reduce the amount of solid chocolate in the bowl. Chocolate in block form works best. The maximum is 700gm (1.5lb).
The chocolate is not being held back by the scraper. Check that the scraper is properly installed - the blade should curve towards the temperature probe - and has not been worn down or damaged. If necessary, replace the scraper blade.

Problems with the Chocolate

Cause / Solution
The chocolate looks like brown porridge. The chocolate has seized. You can't temper this chocolate. Remove it and save it for something else. Could some water have come into contact with the chocolate?
The chocolate is much too thick. The chocolate is probably over tempered. Press the button Reset and start again. The chocolate should melt; if it does not and becomes even thicker it has seized.
The chocolate either has dusty streaks or is dull looking. It is taking more than 3 or 4 minutes to set. Part or all of the chocolate is not tempered. Check the room temperature and humidity and check that the chocolate type shown on the display panel is correct. Start again by pressing Melt. When the cursor is centered press temper and add 100gm of solid chocolate.
I mixed some ingredients with the chocolate in the bowl. When the chocolate cooled it had bloom. The chocolate is over-tempered. If you add too many cold ingredients while the  machine is in operation you will disturb the temperature reading. If you want to mix ingredients in the bowl, press the button Reset, remove the baffle and the bowl and mix by hand with a spatula.
My finished chocolate has bloom or it isn't glossy. Your chocolate is not tempering properly. Bloom is usually caused by over-heating and lack of gloss by under-heating. If the chocolate you are using is in good condition try lowering or raising the tempering temperature using the Heat+/Heat- buttons. Make a few test pieces at different settings. If this doesn't solve the problem, contact the Help Desk.
The liquid chocolate in front of the baffle climbs out of the bowl. The chocolate has thickened up either because it is overtempered or because it has started to cool. Check that the air vents are not obstructed and follow the advice for overtempered chocolate in the Tips section. If the problem recurs contact the Help Desk.

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